How to Start a Website


A Content Management System is similar to how a librarian at a library organizes the books that they carry. A library is a great place to store a lot of information, but the only way the librarian can keep track of all of the books and other items they carry is to have a system. Just like the librarian stores and keeps track of every book in their care at all times, a Content Management System helps a person keep track of what is on their website. The content on a website can be anything type of information that usually includes simple text, documents, pictures, and videos.The best part of having a CMS website is that it does not require technical knowledge to create a website and keep it going because the Content Management System takes care of all of that. It is very easy to build a CMS website.

How to Build a CMS Website


Prior to begin to build a website, making a step-by-step plan for the website is a good start. It will save the person building the website a lot of time in the future. A well organized plan will help the website builder determine what is important and before the website is started so the website creator will not have to use up a lot of time editing and redesigning the website. This may also save them from having to do a total revamping of the website in the future. For a person that wants to learn while they are building the website, they will learn a lot while using CMS to create a website. After the plan for the website is laid out, then the website creator needs to find the right website layout tool that will provide them with what they need, pick out the domain for their site, register with the web host that will meet their needs, and start building their website. Then they need to go over the completed website to make sure they did not leave anything out. At times, a small change or two can increase the number of people that visit a website. There are a lot of Content Management System’s available, including twelve of them that are free.

Best Free Content Management Services


WordPress is a CMS that can be used to make a very nice blog or website. There is no fee for it it has a lot of great features, and it is easy to use. With a lot of plugins and themes at a website creators disposal, a website creator can make a blog just exactly how they want it to be. It has more than sixty million people that use it.

Drupal will help anyone build any type of website that they wish from a blog to a business website. Thousands of add-on modules will help a person make their website their own and it also can be used to build an advanced database management website. It does require a little bit of technical knowledge though to use it. It is an open source content management platform that is used by millions of applications and websites.

Joomla is CMS that has won awards that is great for building websites and creating applications. It is quite simple to use and does not require any technical experience. It is an open source content management solution that makes it possible for websites to be made with just one click and it also very simple to learn how to use it.

Silverstripe is another free CMS.